About BeBakery

We Are?

Natalie Bakery comes from the heart of Toronto, renowned for handcrafted bakery, pastry and cakes. Natalie Bakery is designed to be chic and elegant in appearance while being executed to perfection in both flavor and style.

Building upon our more than ten years of baking expertise, we’ve created this very special Natalie Bakery where today you’ll find a fantastic range of truly delicious, honest-to-goodness cakes and pastries made with wholesome natural ingredients, all lovingly prepared by our chefs and bakers. Natalie Bakery who feed the local community with the true taste of Iranian using only the finest of natural ingredients and organic flours. We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations in Toronto.

Mission and

Understated Elegance…. Unquestionable Taste… Uncompromoising Quality…
We bake with passion.
We make life sweet.
We make the impossible delicious.
We cook everything fresh from our own ovens.
We create delicious memories.
We have nice big buns.
We were first, and we’re still the best!